Turkey is the largest producer of dried apricots. Malatya city is famous for dried apricots due to weather conditions.

Products picked with care and diligence are processed in our factory.


Dried apricots offer a plethora of health benefits packed into a delicious, convenient snack.

Rich in essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, as well as potassium and dietary fiber, they promote overall well-being by supporting eye health, boosting immunity, and aiding digestion.

Their natural sweetness provides a guilt-free alternative to sugary snacks while their low-fat content makes them a smart choice for weight management.

With their high antioxidant levels, dried apricots combat oxidative stress, contributing to radiant skin and overall vitality.

Additionally, the calcium and phosphorus they contain promote strong bones, while their energy-boosting properties make them an ideal snack for sustained vitality throughout the day.

Jumbo 60-80 pieces/kg
Size 1 81-100 pieces/kg
Size 2 101-120 pieces/kg
Size 3 121-140 pieces/kg
Size 4 141-160 pieces/kg
Size 5 161-180 pieces/kg
Size 6 181-200 pieces/kg
Size 7 201-220 pieces/kg
Size 8 221-more pieces/kg
Packing Options
250 g foam tray
250 g carton tray
500 g foam tray
500 g carton tray
1 kg carton box
5 kg carton box
12.5 kg carton box