Turkey is the largest exporter of dried figs. Dried figs grown in Aegean region are famous worldwide.

Below you can see the process the figs go through:

  1. Buying process
    Figs are controlled when they are brought to the factory.
  2. Fumigation
    Figs are fumigated against pests and insects. No product enters into the factory without fumigation.
  3. UV Control
    Figs are controlled under UV light against aflotoxine. Damaged products are also sorted out in this process.
  4. Sizing
    Figs are classified from size 1 to size 10 according to Turkish Standards Institute TS541 article.
  5. Sorting
    Figs are selected and damaged, low-quality products are sorted out.
  6. Washing
    Figs are washed in salty water. No chemicals/preservatives are used in our products.
  7. Drying
    Figs are parked for drying.
  8. Shaping
    All the shaping process is done manually. Our qualified workers shape the figs in desired forms: lerida, garland, protoben, pulled, etc.
  9. Packing
    Figs are packed in line with client requests. Thanks to our packing machines, we can pack between 200 g and 10 kg packages.
  10. Shipping
    Products are shipped to destination country.


Figs are shaped according to the clients’ request.

Some of the most preferred shapes are:

  • Lerida
  • Garland
  • Protoben
  • Baglama
  • Layer

Shaping depends on the packing weight preferred. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Sizes for Figs

Size 1          36-40 pieces/kg

Size 2          41-45 pieces/kg

Size 3          46-50 pieces/kg

Size 4          51-55 pieces/kg

Size 5          56-60 pieces/kg

Size 6          61-65 pieces/kg

Size 7          66-70 pieces/kg

Size 8          71-80 pieces/kg


We can pack between 200 g and 10 kg bulk packages. Materials used for packing are carton box, wooden box, PVC box and cellophane. Materials differ according to weight demanded. For details please contact us.