Turkey is a major exporter in dried apricots as well. Apricots of Malatya city are famous.

There are two types of apricots : Sulphured and sun-dried.

Sulphured apricots are in orange color due to sulphuredioxide used in drying process.

Sun dried apricots are in brown color and no sulphuredioxide is used in drying.


Size 1          81-100 pieces/kg

Size 2          101-120 pieces/kg

Size 3          121-140 pieces/kg

Size 4          141-160 pieces/kg

Size 5          161-180 pieces/kg

Size 6          181-200 pieces/kg

Size 7          201-220 pieces/kg

Size 8          221-more pieces/kg


We can pack between 200 g and 12,5 kg bulk packages.